Itinerant Scholar


Medium natural humanoid (living construct) | Level 5

Speed: 30 ft. Normal Vision
Strength: 3 Dexterity: 1 Intelligence: 7
Toughness: 4 Perception: 3 Spirit: 2
Hit Points: 48 Heroic Surges: 10 Mana: 4 Stamina: 0
Fortitude: 14 Reflex: 13 Will: 17 Armor: 0

Runeforged Traits
Runeforged Resilience, Runeforged Resolve, Unsleeping Watcher

Orbs, Staffs, Tomes, Leather, Hide, Scale, Plate

Arcana, Folklore, History, Religion, Science; Common, Dwarven

If Lantern cannot recall or does not know a piece of information, he knows where he can find relevant information on that subject.

Dragon Breath – Force, Psychic 1/encounter.
Talents: Bolstering Breath, Psionic Breath

Alchemist, Psychic Lock, Spellcaster (Sleep), Talented (Psionic Breath)

Detection, Mind Control, Magic Missile, Obscure, Sleep


Healer’s Kit Mining Lantern
1.25 lb of salt Magnifying Glass
1.25 lb of sugar 1 gold bar
2.5 lb of flour 1 silver bar
100 ft of hemp rope Backpack
Belt Pouch Standard ID with Traveling Papers
Carles’ Commentary on Psionics
Quarterstaff Delver’s Light
Shockweave Cloth Alchemical Gloves
Deep Pocket Cloak 80 sp

Current Lantern: Few runeforged know much about where they originally came from, but the runeforged currently known as Lantern carries it to extremes.

Around seventy years ago, a group of dwarven miners from the hold of Dorheus delved deep below their usual tunnels and came across an immense blue crystal, more than eight feet tall and faintly glowing, with a humanoid figure suspended inside. After some thought (and a little divination to make sure they wouldn’t be freeing some kind of demon), the miners’ clan decided to go ahead and mine the crystal into chunks of usable size while they waited to see if the suspended figure still lived.

As the crystal was cleared away, it became apparent that the figure belonged to an odd-looking runeforged. Its head had been remodeled along far more lizard-like lines than normal, an effect further enhanced by the ghulra which extended down most of its face in a shape evocative of a dragon’s snout and the scale-like markings on his torso. The dwarves were surprised to find the runeforged awakening to life as the crystal broke away from its skin; they were more surprised to find that it remembered nothing before being freed from the crystal.

The newly-freed runeforged spent some time with the dwarves, developing an identity and relearning the basic skills he had forgotten during its centuries in the crystal. It paid its way by using an odd instinct for the presence of precious metals to help the dwarves mine more efficiently, and took the name of Lantern to fit its role as a miners’ guide. After a few decades, though, the interest in history and antecedence that Lantern had acquired from the dwarves began to chafe at his obscure origins, and he set out into the wider world searching for the answers to three questions: Why was he in the crystal? Why did he have such heavy cosmetic modifications from the standard runeforged model? And are his psychic powers part of his original design, or a relic of his experience in the crystal?

After years on the road, Lantern is no closer to answering his personal questions, but he has amassed a wide array of scholarly connections and general knowledge. Having checked academic sources as far as he can, Lantern is now trying to expand his knowledge by wandering the country poking his nose into odd situations – and if this doesn’t always teach him something new, he can at least help out while he’s there.

At present, he is trying to find a counter to the demonic liquid known as the Bile of Esperatch, which goblins have been spreading across the lands he currently travels.

Past Lantern: was involved in the last great wars, ~80 years ago, in some capacity. He’s not yet sure how.


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