Jasper McAlister

Fallen Captain of the Guard


Medium natural humanoid | Lvl 5

Speed: 25 ft. Normal Vision
Strength: 3 Dexterity: 1 Intelligence: 3
Toughness: 4 Perception: 2 Spirit: 7
Hit Points: 48 Heroic Surges: 10 Mana: 3 Stamina: 2
Fortitude: 15 Reflex: 11 Will: 18 AR: 5

Human Traits
Heroic Resurgence, Heroic Spirit

Tome, Leather Armor, Hide Armor, Chainmail Armor, Cannons, Crossbows, Staffs

Animal Handling, Diplomacy, Folklore, Forbidden Lore, Investigate, Nature, Survival; Common, Minotaur

Forced to live on his own in the wild, Jasper can provide food for himself and up to 5 others each day, if the land provides. He doesn’t get lost very easily.

Animate Skeleton 1/day
Drudge Zombies

Action Hero, Chilling Frost, Sap Strength, Skill Training (Forbidden Lore, Perception), Tome Expertise

Commander’s Strike

Animate Dead, Corruption, Magic Missile


Adventurer’s Kit Traveling Clothes
3 sets of Tattered Clothes 3 sets of Robes
Quarterstaff Herbal Poultice
1.25 lb of Salt 1.25 lb of Sugar
2.5 lb of flour 1 silver bar
2 sp 1 gold bar
Tome of Nash Lazareson Chainmail of the Shallow Grave

Jasper came from a small village on the borderlands, isolated from much of the bigger picture in the world. A simple farmer by trade, he also served in the town’s militia (which was too small to afford full-time soldiers), where he rose to the position of captain of the guard. It is a title he no longer holds, as he has been exiled. His crime? Necromancy.

It’s not one Jasper would ever have thought he’d commit, even in his strangest nightmares. The McAlister bloodline has a long and proud tradition of heroes, even if his grandfather had settled in Stonegrove Vale to avoid such an action-packed life. Stonegrove Vale could have used more of the heroic McAlisters (or any hero, for that matter), as a necromancer set his sight on the village and launched a brutal assault that decimated the town’s defenses. Nonetheless, the necromancer (one Nash Lazareson), was turned back, and Jasper struck the killing blow. But in the fight, Jasper was injured, and he lost the lower part of his right leg to infection. Worse yet, the decimated guard left Stonegrove Vale weakened, and like vultures to a not quite dead yet lost traveler, the orcs came in droves. Unable to fight, Jasper looked on as the orcs pillaged and other awful things. In desperation, he turned to the tome of Nash Lazareson. He bade the dead to rise and save his town, and that they did.

His fellow townsfolk, the people he grew up with, recoiled in horror. Jasper had to flee for his life, relying on his undead army to escape into the darkest depths of the Stone Grove, a petrified forest rumored to hide dark horrors in its deepest depths. They were not just rumors, and Jasper lost his zombies in the forest. He laments that he could not perform a proper burial for the dead and seeks to make amends to their spirits for having wronged their bodies so. Jasper seeks only to personally make amends to each individual he has zombified. Unfortunately, Jasper has few options besides necromancy to turn to if there’s a fight. And so he finds himself digging himself ever deeper into moral debt merely trying to repay it.

Jasper McAlister

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