Path of Heroes

The Tournament of Lord Jarus

Season 1, Episode 4

Flypps, Lantern, Tyran’kai

On their way to the city of Acanthus, the group stops to rest and resupply at the village of Greymere, where a festival is being held in honor of Lord Jarus’s recent appointment. The group runs into the Black Knight and later meets Sir Roderick of Harrowhelm, a knight that is competing in the tournaments. Tyran’kai does not take a liking to him and enters the melee tournament. Flypps enters as a judge in the pie-eating contest and receives pies as payment. Lantern and Tyran’kai meanwhile head to the blacksmith to have new weaponry forged.

In the morning Tyran’kai heads to the blacksmith before the joust and retrieves his new weaponry – a giant hook, similar to a fishhook about 1-1.5 ft in length. The group watches the joust, where they see the Black Knight defeat several participants, only to be defeated by Sir Roderick. The other combatants include Lord Kargath of Durnwald, Sir Thelial of Oakleaf, Lord Nelson of Morgrave, Dame Alessandra of Bankcroft, Lady Sylvera of Silfwind, Sir Kudzen of Dorheus, Count Alfonse of Delmar, Dame Brunhilde the Shield-Matron, Lord Greysill of Twicksbury, and Grandmaster Sintare of the Currinwold.

After the joust, Tyran’kai prepares for the melee tournament. There is some debate to whether his weapons are allowed, but Lord Jarus is amused and lets him keep the hook. He is first matched against the Black Knight. Tyran’kai reveals his strategy of catching the hook onto armor and then using rope try and trip or pull the target. Sadly, Tyran’kai is defeated, but the Black Knight is impressed with his fighting skills and offers her aid should he ever need it.



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