Path of Heroes

Sewer Rats

Season 1, Episode 3

Flypps, Lantern, Jasper, Tyran’kai

The heroes continue their search for answers regarding the increase in goblin activity and weird alchemical experimentation. This takes them to the city of Markoth. Due to the local populace’s distrust of runeforged, they are not welcome in the city – Lantern mingles outside the city with a merchant camp of fellow runeforged.

While the rest of the party acquires traveling papers, Lantern meets Jingling, who explains that he can use the sewer system to enter the city and gain access to the library. After being given a delver’s light, Lantern ventures through the sewers to the library. Along the way, he discovers that someone is also using the sewers to infiltrate the city.

The next morning, it is discovered that several merchants had been robbed during the night. The party regroups at the merchant camp and enters the sewers, where they discover a goblin raiding party hidden in a makeshift camp. They defeat the party, and collect a vial of black liquid that seems to be the center of the alchemical mystery. Tyran’kai retrieves a carnage dagger from the defeated leader, and the group learns of Jasper’s dealings with necromancy.



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