Path of Heroes

From Beyond the Grave

Season 1, Episode 2

Flypps, Sarac, Lantern, Tyran’kai, Callum

The travelers’ search for information on the goblin raids and the strange alchemy they have been practicing brings them to the elven village of Starbreeze, where they meet Callum. With Callum’s help, they find out that the ghost of the Thalinos family’s owlbear has risen from the grave and is killing the townsfolk in revenge for being put down after killing his handler. After a tense battle, the heroes put Kreely to rest and saved not only Meriele Thalinos and her children, but the whole village as well.

After putting Kreely’s spirit to rest, some of Tyran’kai’s hide healed from its affliction. Lantern discovered that Callum is afflicted with a similar condition that the children of Hopshire have after being abducted by the goblins.



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