Path of Heroes

Disaster in the Library

Season 1, Episode 5

Flypps, Lantern, Tyran’kai, Sarac, Jasper

After a brief stop in Greymere, Flypps, Lantern, and Tyran’kai rendezvous with Sarac and Jasper in the city of Acanthus. Known for its great library, Lantern surmised that it would be the best place to search for more information about the mysterious black liquid. Sarac acquires traveling papers after being deputized by Flypps.

The group arrives at the library to find a disturbing scene – everyone is dead, torn apart by some beast. Sarac finds that one of the librarians in the foyer is still barely alive, and manages to stabilize him. He explains that a drakkenvar, a beast from stories designed to frighten children, has attacked the library and killed everyone. The group discovers that the beast has also destroyed the sections of the library containing tomes related to their search, save for one tome that describes a similar creature as a servant of Nahkriin the Boar, deity of Vengeance.

After a brief battle, the group kills the beast, which transforms into a suit of armor. Sarac takes the armor to the Temple of Koore to have it cleansed – meanwhile, Jasper meets with one of the priests to atone for his sins. The group is able to conduct more research in the meantime, discovering only a few scant references to something known as the “Bile of Esperatch.”



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