Flypps Taebells

Sheriff of Olillipy


Tiny fey humanoid | Level 5

Speed: 15 ft. Fly 25 ft. (hover) Low-light Vision
Strength: 2 Dexterity: 3 Intelligence: 3
Toughness: 4 Perception: 3 Spirit: 6
Hit Points: 62 Heroic Surges: 10 Mana: 3 Stamina: 0
Fortitude: 14 Reflex: 11 Will: 16 AR: 6

Pixie Traits
Pixie Magic (pixie dust, shrink item), Speak with Beasts, Wee Warrior

Chain, Gun, Hide, Leather, Orb, Rod, Scale, Staff, Wand

Diplomacy, Folklore, Investigate, Streetwise; Common, Elven

People recognize Flypps’ authority as a law enforcement agent, granting her some access to information related to crimes, sensitive areas, and legal proceedings. She can deputize individuals. She is proficient with scale and chain armor.

Can use Beserker Rage by spending a heroic surge.
Enduring Rage: While raging, gain regeneration 5 while bloodied.

Durable, Personal Implement (Orb, pocketwatch), Spellcaster (Dimension Door), Streak of Light

Dimension Door, Elemental Wall, Polymorph, Eldritch Strike, Figment, Tongues


Adventurer’s Kit Fine Clothes
1.25 lb of salt Scale Armor
1.25 lb of sugar 1 gold bar
2.5 lb of flour 1 silver bar
Resplendent Boots Pocketwatch of Awakening
Twice-Clawed Gloves Necklace of Keys
2 sp

Flypps Taebells

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