Path of Heroes

The Wandering Wilds

Season 2, Episode 2

Flypps, Lantern, Jasper

The party travels back on the road to Dar’Danel on their way to Lillinesti. After camping for the night, they realize something is not quite right – they have been transported to the Feywild somehow. They soon reach Shinaelestra, the Fading City, where they rest for the evening and help usher in pilgrims from the Howling Forest in Twillin.

The next morning, they set out for Astrazalian, but are waylaid by displacer beasts in the forest. They escape the beasts, but have become hopelessly lost in the process. The party soon stumbles across the fabled Lake of Dreams and briefly meet its keeper, Razorceth. Irritated by their presence, Razorceth shoos them away, and they eventually end up in Flypps’s hometown, Ollilipy. After an evening of celebration and feasting, they return to the mortal realm a short trip from Lillinesti.



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