Path of Heroes

The Road to Ironthorn

Season 1, Episode 8

Flypps, Lantern, Callum

Jasper and Tyran’kai depart from Dar’Danel to take care of some personal matters. Flypps and Lantern hear a rumor from some of the merchants that a few elders in the neighboring town of Ironthorn are veterans of the Last Great War, and may know something about “Esperatch.” They sign on as guards for a caravan bound for ironthorn, and find Callum wandering the road along the way.

The first night on the road, they are ambushed by a goblin raiding party, who attempt to steal some of the provisions. The group fights them off, but the other guards were slain by arrows. They take one of the goblins as a prisoner for interrogation – the goblin speaks in a strange tongue, and taunts Callum with references to “the masters.” Callum walks off, but the goblin breaks free of his bonds and attacks him, only to be stabbed by Callum’s dagger. The goblin melts into Bile of Esperatch and explodes over Callum, who seemingly absorbs the substance and develops a mysterious tattoo-like symbol on his arm.

The rest of the trip passes by without incident, and the trio arrives in Ironthorn.



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