Path of Heroes

The Lillinosti Consulate

Season 2, Episode 5

Flypps, Lantern, Callum, Jasper

The party meets back up with Jasper at a local café to ask around for any info on the goblin attacks. The waitstaff inform them that several elven diplomats (in particular, Liandra Nightthistle) were at the events, and direct them to the Lillinosti Consulate.

When they arrive, the party is greeted by Liandra, Fioria, and Lady Tieri, who inform them of the goblin attacks. They describe the goblins as having pitch-black eyes and covered in glowing purple runes. After Fioria and Lady Tieri leave, Liandra mentions how after the attacks mages from the king’s guard arrived to clean up and secure the area, but charm away the attendees’ memories of the goblin attacks.

The party returns to Lord Hansell’s keep and prepares for the big celebration on the morrow.



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