Path of Heroes

Race Against Time

Season 1, Episode 7

Flypps, Lantern, Jasper, Tyran’kai

Flypps receives a message from Liandra Nightthistle, an elf from her hometown in the employ of Grandmaster Sintare. The Grandmaster’s daughter, Fioria, has gone missing. She asks them to find Fioria before the Grandmaster returns from traveling. Flypps, Lantern, Jasper, and Tyran’kai travel to the Lillinosti town of Dar’Danel to investigate.

The group questions local children and merchants, finding out that Fioria was last seen wandering near Skulk Rock, an abandoned iron mine. They venture out to Skulk Rock, and discover evidence of goblin activity. They break into the mine, fight off a small band of goblins inside, and rescue Fioria. They also discover the goblins at the mine have been experimenting with the Bile of Esperatch.



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