Path of Heroes

Dark Rituals

Season 1, Episode 10 [Finale]

Flypps, Lantern, Callum, Jasper

Picking up where Episode 9: Font of Evil left off, the party spies the approaching legion of goblins and rushes back to town to warn the populace. They manage to warn most of the town, but the goblins ransack the town for supplies. Lantern and Jasper notice something strange happening back at the cemetery, and head back while Flypps and Callum cover their exit.

Upon arriving at the cemetery, they discover that the newly opened chamber is guarded by a contingent of goblin soldiers, and a ghastly purple light is emanating from the pit. Jasper devises a plan to reanimate a small army of zombies to distract the guards while the party investigates. They discover that a group of cultists (possibly demon worshipers) is causing the bile-soaked earth filling the pool to react. They attempt to disrupt the ritual, but it is too late – an enormous geyser of infused bile erupts into the sky, causing it to rain down as far as the eye can see. After the ritual is complete, the goblin horde scatters into the forest.

The party returns to town after determining that in this form, the bile will not harm exposed flesh. They head to the inn, where the Great War veterans sit down with them to discuss some distressing news.



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