Path of Heroes

Danger on the Lillinosti Express

Season 2, Episode 3

Flypps, Lantern, Callum, Jasper

The party travels on the Lillinesti Express, a lightning rail coach that runs between Lillinesti and Brenholde. During their trip, Flypps meet several attendants to one of the lords of Brenholde, while the remainder of the party asks around to see if the local populace is aware of the events in Ironthorn. Callum discovers while playing cards that the other players are high profile individuals, namely the head of the Dremen Mint.

Jasper is accosted by a man who claims to be member of an agency that investigates troublesome magic for his tome. After an argument, the man attacks Jasper and reveals himself to be none other than Nash Lazareson himself. The party manages to drive him off without losing the tome, but Jasper is deeply troubled by the events.



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